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From the Pastor's Desk


Greetings and Blessings! During the season of Lent I will be giving you some insite to conversion.


Lenten Reflection for Conversion


     The season of Lent, provides us with an opportunity to freely open up ourselves to conversion. It also gives us a time of reflection, a purifying / cleansing of our spirit / soul. It gives us an opportunity to face whatever that is within us that prevents us from fully embracing our spiritual paths / journey. Facing additions, trauma, depression or whatever else within us that prevents us from fully embracing our spiritual journey. My brothers and sisters facing trauma, depression, death, or our failings is not easy. But if any of these are a part of your life this Lent you might consider some steps that can open a door for conversion.

  1. Take a moral inventory of your faults and strengths. Share it with a person you can trust, perhaps a spiritual director.

  2. Open yourself in prayer and meditation to God’s guidance to those areas of your life in need of conversion. You might like God’s answer.

  3. If whatever you are battling, take Lent as an opportunity to begin a journey of healing by seeking counseling and /or spiritual direction.

  4. Lent has been a time of giving something up. This time consider this Lenten season to be an opportunity to give up any fear, self-hatred, shame, or resentment that clouds your spiritual growth.

  5. If you have experienced a change / conversion take some time to pause in gratitude this Lent: gratitude for the opportunity to convert. Gratitude for other people, places and things God may have put in your path of healing and to help you embrace the invitation to convert.


As you begin this Lenten Season, may God bless you and strengthen you in the area(s) that has held you back from growing each and every day of your spiritual lives.


In Peace of Christ,

Father G. Scott Hedrick +

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